Our wish is to breed healthy, happy, well typed and naked cats

Of course we want to breed as naked and welltyped cats as possible but its not our first priority. Health is the most important thing for us, especially since we ourselves has gone through the sorrow of losing a beloved family member much to early. In the sphynx breed its HCM we want to fight, in the don sphynx its various eye problems such as too small, to deeply set and too squinty eyes as well as entropion. Further down on this page you can read more about the problems as well as what we do to help in the fight against them.

Next after healthy cats we want prosperous, happy and pleasant cats. The larger number of kittens is sold as pets and then it is seldom more important that the ear placement is correct, that the tail is sufficiently long or that the eyes has the right shape then that the cat is a lovely little family member and that’s why we also breed on temperament and try to handle our kittens as much as possible so that our buyers will get a darling little pet.

A good type and good nakedness is what we search for in both a breeder and a show cat, but we also also see the difference between these two. Breeding is more than often about making a good match, to compensate for weaknesses and raise strengths so a cat that is mediocre for most parts but has those fantastic ears and a strong chin will suit our breeding program whilst a cat that is good overall will be better for show.

Our pets are sold castrated and breeders are only sold to registred catteries and comes with a contract.
If you are interested in buying a cat, you are very welcome to contact us.

We at S*Bare Essentials starts our fight against HCM by only buying cats after HCM free tested parents and preferably cats free at a higher age since HCM can show later on in life. When it comes to our own breeding program, we test our queens before each mating and the studs used in breeding every six months. When a cat is castrated and taken out of breeding we continue on scanning these cats too.
When we test our cats we use the Maine Coon Cat Club forms and we engage a cardiologist involved in their health program. I you want to read more about the program go to www.pawpeds.com or the Maine Coon Cat Club homepage.
Of course we can never guarantee that a cat from our cattery will never get sick but through these routines, we at least do our utter best not to use sick cats in our breeding program.

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Eye problems
The don sphynx unfortunately suffers from some eye troubles since the breeding in some cases has made the eyes too shut, to deeply set and too squinty. Entropion is another problem in the breed and there for we have only bought cats from lines where entropion has not been found for some generations as well as cats with as open eyes as possible.

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All our breeders are continuously tested for FIV/FeLV

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